How can I make you happy today?


I shall tell you right away why I’m asking that – no extra-long and annoying intros. I have strong reasons to believe that we discuss too much this happiness topic but never put it to practice. Not just random practice. Everyday practice.

I’m not going into the so called motivational agenda and say that happiness is a choice, or a state of mind or whatever pink poetry they want to call it – without actually telling us how to do it and simultaneously forgetting about exceptions that must not be so. I’m saying it as clear and wisely as possible.

Come on… How?

The plan is really simple – we should keep in mind that what’s truest it’s also usually very simple; beside that, the simplest theories are more difficult to contradict. If there’s only a couple of parameters and they’re both reasonable and undeniable, then the whole theoretical hypothesis succeeds. So how can we do it? Like this: I really think we should ask the ones we love in the morning, How can I make you happy today?

We do get deeply entangled in daily routines, tasks, problems, schedules, tending then to leave happiness for weekends. Or holidays. But if you think mathematically about it, that’s just an irresponsible and useless thing to be doing with your life. We spend most of the week at work, most of the year at work, most of life at work – many times we don’t even like work -, leaving happiness for what’s left. Tell me. Is it or is it not an awkward way of living? We could even easily count the few moments we have left for joy.

So why not?, let’s just give it a go and ask the ones we most care about, How can I make you happy today? You surely can do it for yourself too, though I thought of another technique for that, which we may approach later on. Nevertheless, after exercising on some thinking about it, I concluded that asking someone else would suit me better.

Here’s why.
  1. I’m home schooling and hugely committed to it. I don’t mean by any means to force knowledge into him, what I want is for him to feel happy. If he feels so, in an age where interest and curiosity rise high, then any concept, any knowledge he may be ready for, anything I believe it’s important for him to learn at this point, everything will fall into the right place naturally. There’s nothing mysterious about it, it’s the most honest common sense ever: happiness makes everything work perfectly smooth. It tastes like perfection in fact. Don’t you think?
  2. For me, the fastest route to happiness is kindness. So asking the ones I truly care about – How can I make you happy today -, and getting it done, makes my day.
  3. What’s expected is that, assuming we’re talking reciprocal relations here, those people will ask you back the same, generating a chain of mutual happiness actions, and when that happens, it shall be easier to coordinate everyone’s wishes together. Let’s see, if I ask first and you say you need to go stargazing, that’d be your fulfilment today; and then you’d ask me and I’d say I’d like to do some yoga, then it’s easier to put it together. Or doing it both of us together (yoga while stargazing should be interesting…), or even alone if we feel the need to do so. If we think about ourselves only, not only it usually restricts communication, as it will be like forces of will driving in opposite directions and commonly heading towards egocentrism.

On the other hand, building a kind chain will allow it to impulse itself on going.

Yes… there are days in fact that seems like nothing can be done, we all acknowledge that. We feel upset, angry, irritated, whatever. Just let it go and focus on regular functioning of your day to day.

Get your brain & mood on it

Focus, clear your perspectives, meditate on it if you will, and be aware to share some happiness every day, and not just in memes around social media. Practice it in real life. Step out of that screen.

We can actually make it possible. Don’t wake up thinking about meetings, shopping, work (which won’t go anywhere, I can promise you that) and don’t even try thinking about money, you’re just letting life pass by.

Focus. Happiness. Today.



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