Uses for the invasive Ginger lily


Ginger lily



People around here have nicknamed these plants as the Lollipop plant, because you can extract its nectar, just like you do with a lollipop. And I’m sure, due to the problems it causes, people have many other nicknames for it…

Even so I have come up with other kinds of use for it. Even if we tried (hard) to rip them all of, we couldn’t, so at least let’s give them some utility.

Water cup


If you’re hiking with animals, when it’s time to give them water, you can use one of its large leaves as your pet’s plate.

To sit

When it comes to sit on the ground to have a snack or to rest for a while, you can take a few of those leaves and place it on the floor so that you don’t get wet.

To climb (moderately)

If you have to smoothly climb to an upper area in your trail, you may hold on to its stalks – it’s quite strong. But do not press all of your weight onto it and do not do it in situations that may imply a big fall, it is just meant to provide you an extra hand.


Erica azorica



Nowadays it is a protected species, and it is our serious responsibility to help its conservation. Back then it was used by our ancestors to make brooms.


Festuca petraea



Same situation as above. In the old days, it was used to make brushes to whitewash the houses with limestone.

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